Distinction: “I’ll take a bite just to see if I like the taste…” (Curiosity and Hunger)

  • Help: Taking a calculated risk for personal gain
  • Hinder: You tried to control the situation/opponent previously and failed



Perhaps the most interesting thing about Atlanta’s Ventrue is their dedication to staying relevant. Stereotyped as composed of landed gentry and other old money, all of the recent acquisitions have been keen youths at the throat of the booming modern economy. This seems to show a clear realization that maintaining temporal power means understanding and controlling the businesses of today.

The elders are also surprisingly similar with one exception: three apparent Englishmen (though one was a colonist) with a history of military service and a French technophile of uncertain, though likely noble, origin. What emerges is a clan heavily invested in pursuit of the zeitgeist, but liable to treat that pursuit like a military campaign. Will this be a winning strategy to hang onto power, and will the Ventrue even really care when there’s plenty of money and influence to be had in the mortal sphere?


Children of the 80s Gabriel_Luna