Distinction: “Real mortal ties are what keep you in control… of the city and your Beast.” (Control and Love)

  • Help: The situation involves protecting or persuading people you genuinely care about
  • Hinder: You’re trying to hurt people you care about, or they’re deliberately being used against you



Of the city’s clans, at least the Toreador can be counted on to play to type. Or can they? Lola rode into town with The Vigil and has all the combat skills that entails and Drake was long one of the city’s quiet spies rather than center of attention. And no one can say what the siblings were doing in town in the first place, though there are rumors that the primary art their sire practiced was that of the con. Sarah might be the elder closest to the stereotype, save that nobody really knows who embraced her, where she came from, or what her plans are.

Their childer’s obvious artistic proclivities would at least seem in line with expectations, save that all three were sired by the most mysterious of the elders. Was he really doing his duty in preserving artistic talent for the clan, or do his choices fit into a plan that only he sees?


Children of the 80s samhaine