Distinction: “You brought this on yourself!” (Pride and Vengeance)

  • Help: Hurt a target that slighted you personally
  • Hinder: Face off against a target that you’ve wronged



Due to their primogen’s presumed close ties to the Prince and membership in the coterie that brought him to power, the Brujah of Atlanta have a much less contentious relationship with the ruling class than is apparently typical. Any antagonisms that do exist, such as Montoya’s unexplained feud with the Ventrue primogen, are personal and so far haven’t gotten in the way of business.

With a heavy embrace of neonates skilled in fighting, the Brujah could almost be seen as the knights of Atlanta’s Camarilla, prepared to offer their protection against physical threats to the Kindred of the city. However, it can’t be overlooked that these neonates aren’t exactly atypical for the clan—young and members of the counterculture—so the establishment may find themselves in for a rude awakening if they begin to rely on the clan without offering respect and power in exchange.


Children of the 80s samhaine