Martin Lockhart P.I.

  • Title:
  • Coterie:
  • Generation: 9th
  • Clan: Malkavian
  • Sire: Sinclair the Rook
  • Childer: None
  • Concept: “All is not lost.” (Loss)
  • Trouble: "I’m sorry do I know you?” (Knowledge)
  • Nature: “The secret of redemption lies in remembrance.“ (Redemption)
  • First Impression: Disheveled, Wiry, Scruffy, Lean, Mellow

Other Notes:

Location: “Used to be part of my beat where I made my name as a cop” The Tabernacle

What Martin thinks of Sinclair the Rook: “He is truth”

What Martin thinks of Nathan: Dislikes his illegal activities.

Goal: Golconda: Seeks to understand it

Bio:Young hero cop with a master’s degree in criminal justice on the verge of being an investigator. Married high school sweetheart and had a child. Can’t remember last year of life before becoming undead but lost wife, child and job in that time.


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