Atlanta, 1992.

None of the older Kindred will give you a straight answer as to why here, why now. They drop hints about a hard-fought shadow war for control of the city from something called the “Sabbat.” They speak nervously of growing dangers in the more rural cities of the South. They make big claims about the huge opportunities present in the city as the millennium closes. You’re not sure if you can believe any of them.

Whatever their secret reasons, in the last few years the speed of Embraces has risen dramatically. The number of Neonates in the city seems unprecedented, at least as far as your sires will speak to a trend. While there are several old and powerful leaders, they seem to be relying on the young to shore up their control of the city. If you do well, perhaps you could climb to power within the Camarilla in years, rather than the decades you’re told is normal.

But your advantage may come at a dangerous time: the world is changing faster than ever before, and it remains to be seen whether you will find yourself an anachronism within your own mortal span. You’ve almost certainly been lied to by your elders, pulled unprepared into a dangerous supernatural world, and given a lot of responsibility without matching authority. Can you adapt to your new situation and establish a safe foothold in the long night… or will your unlife become another of the 80s’ quickly passing fads?