Distinction: “Corollary: If you remember the past, you can create something new.” (Invention and Knowledge)

  • Help: Trying something new in a situation where you’re as informed as you can be about previous efforts
  • Hinder: Going into a situation without sufficient research



It’s become obvious that Kindred of the Camarilla have an idea in their heads of what a Tremere should look and act like, and the members in Atlanta completely defy that notion. There is not a power-suited, arcane-jewelry-wearing, goateed Freemason anywhere in the bunch. They don’t gather in some mystical chantry protected by horrible wards and monsters. They don’t even seem to have a furious drive to gain power through study of the mystical arts, save possibly as a necessary tool on the road to their real passions.

Instead, the two elders have a shared affectation of identifying themselves by an obscure mascot of the colleges where they keep their havens and remaining completely mysterious to the other Kindred of the city. Their childer are friendly, helpful, and keen to share information and enroll others in their pet projects. Their stated goals are even rather understandable by non-mystically-inclined Kindred, even if some are a bit whimsical.

In a culture that expects their blood wizards to act like evil viziers from a fairy tale, the utter refusal of the local Tremere to play to type is downright terrifying.


Children of the 80s samhaine