The Vigil


The Vigil is clearly at the heart of whatever happened in ’88.

Four elders of different clans. One is the sire of another local. One is the sibling of the Prince. One is the sibling of the Toreador Primogen. The last has obscure but deep financial investments in the city.

Yet the implication is that they are new to the city since the Camarilla took control: this is not the old guard returned. The Sheriff, two Primogen, and a Harpy. And they all seem to very quietly get along in a way that few of the other Kindred in the city do.

Rumors make it quite clear that you are not to cross any of them: they have decades, possibly centuries, of training in combat techniques and disciplines. This is to a depth that even the other elders in town seem to regard them like mortal liberals regard NRA members.

Are they a roving Cainite hit squad? Some kind of last-chance soldiers of fortune like those guys in Mr. T’s show? The Camarilla’s wetworks division?

And if the situation in Atlanta is stable… why are they putting down roots?

The Vigil

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