The Masquerade

Theme: “Everyone turns a blind eye here” (Shrouds)

Nearly a century ago, the building that houses the new club The Masquerade was built as a factory for wood-based packing material. A short lived solution in the face of styrofoam, the factory closed completely and was replaced by a pizzeria with pipe organ in the late ‘70s. In 1989, it was converted to a club that hosted modern music. And that’s the story as mortals know it.

Given the on-the-nose name of a club seemingly run by the Brujah Primogen, it didn’t take long for rumors about the “real” story to circulate among Atlanta’s neonates. The exact date of the ownership transfer seems to have been misfiled, but one S. Montoya is clearly the principle owner of the old excelsior mill by the 1950s. Given that there seems to be little other evidence of The Vigil residing in Atlanta prior to 1988, the common assumption is that something significant required the coterie to swing through town temporarily several decades earlier… unless Sophie just had a strange desire to suddenly diversify her influence into outmoded packing material. The 1989 date of the change from pizzeria to concert venue coupled with Sophie’s general annoyance at the whole idea makes it very clear that her first order of business on moving to the city was to reclaim the location and transform it back into something more to her liking.

But what exactly her purpose was in claiming the building in the first place and reclaiming it now remains a secret. The new name seems to indicate that whatever happened was related to the secrecy of the Kindred, and the operative question is really what could be in the building that required her to reclaim it but is not sensitive enough that hundreds of mortals can be in constant proximity.


The Masquerade

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