The Galilee Codex

Concept: “Did the Son of Mary speak with the Son of Eve?” (Knowledge)

From the 1991 translation by Dr. Thomas Gregory:

165 The moon was setting when Cain made his plea to Christ: “If you are truly the son of Jehovah, please, take this mark I have borne so long from me and free me from the land of Nod.”

166 Jesus looked upon the man sadly. “Long have you suffered a curse you believe was given to you by my Father. Never have you thought that your pain was of your own making? If it is true what you have told me about your parentage, then your curse was imposed not by God, but by tainting your own unearthly blood with murder and by the vengeance of the mother of the step-brother you slew. 167 I forgive you. My Father forgives you. But your pain will not end until you gain the forgiveness of the mother of Abel, and until you forgive yourself.”

168 The First Murderer thought for some time on this, and began to look like he might speak in anger to Christ. 169 But the sun was rising over Galilee, and Cain fled back to the Land of Nod, never to speak with the Son of God again.


The Galilee Codex

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