The Bishop

Distinction: The Kasparov of Crime (Control)

“You up for some work? I got a good lead on the new security down at First Union.”

“Naw man, I ain’t freelance no more. And you might want to clear that job with the new boss, too. Sounds like the kinda thing he’s puttin’ his fingers in.”

“New boss? Wait, you talking about that Catholic guy everyone’s been talking about.”

“The Bishop, yeah. But I doubt he’s Catholic, I think he just likes the name. Russian, they say. Aren’t all’a them commie atheists?”

“Maybe not anymore? Man, times is changing, yeah? When I went in, we were about to drop a nuke on ‘em any day. I get out, now they’re in charge of our town. What’s the guy got? Buncha them ex-KGB heavies?”

“I dunno. They say he’s creepy old… that he’s so good at chess that, when death comes for him, he challenges the Reaper to a game and always wins. You don’t mess with a guy like that.”

“Yeah… don’t wanna get offed my first week out, ‘specially not by some Ruskie bogeyman. I guess I’ll sign up with the guy. Hope he don’t take too much of a cut…”


The Bishop

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