Somerset Downs

Concept: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…” (Fear)

A small but prestigious office park in Buckhead, Somerset Downs was established in 1936. Today, it features several single story buildings surrounding two multi-story complexes. With the recent addition of a few upscale restaurants and a private club to cater to the clientele, it was necessary to dig a large underground garage to handle the parking problem.

The smaller offices are leased primarily to startup financial enterprises with an overall short period of habitation: they either fail within a couple of years or do well enough to purchase standalone buildings deeper downtown. The larger offices form a more stable core of mid-tier banks and brokers. The principle draw of the location is its early adoption of Internet technology: recently the site was connected via T1 line, giving it one of the fastest connections in the city and all buildings on-site are able to access this line.

The site is owned and operated by Somerset Holdings, a small management corporation comprised of the presidents of the primary tenants and other interested parties.


Somerset Downs

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