Concept: “You gotta go through me!” (Pride)

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is the principal system of mass transportation for the Atlanta area. It primarily serves only Fulton and Dekalb Counties, with bus service to a few outside areas (Six Flags, Cumberland Mall) and rail service to Hartsfield International Airport in Clayton County.

Initially a bus service formed in the early 70s, by the 80s it also incorporated rail service, which has been expanding ever since. Chamblee was connected in 1987, rail access to the airport was established in 1990, and the Bankhead Station in West Atlanta is scheduled to open in December 1992, followed by the Indian Creek Station, outside the East Perimeter, in summer of 1993. Because of resistance from Clayton and Gwinnett Counties, the service primarily runs only north-south and east-west lines, more or less along the routes of I-85 and I-20.

Several locations important to the Kindred population are directly accessible by rail (making them a useful place for the Scourge, “Loco” Lucille, to patrol for unannounced Cainites). Little Five Points is near the nexus of all the principal rail lines; the CNN Center, Georgia Tech, Fabulous Fox, and Grady Hospital are also conveniently close to stations, to name a few. Unfortunately, the rail lines cut off at 1 AM, potentially leaving Kindred stranded in the early morning.

A substantial portion of the rail lines are beneath street level, especially in the downtown area, providing a potential habitat for the city’s Nosferatu denizens. Rumors that these tunnels intersect some kind of more extensive, secret routes beneath the city are likely pure speculation.

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