Distinction: “This isn’t chess. There are no pawns to be sacrificed.” (Loss and Redemption)

  • Help: Working to keep an innocent from being harmed in a plot/avoid collateral damage
  • Hinder: Deciding that someone or something is expendable



The role of Malkavians of Atlanta is as unpredictable as any other city. Both of the elders of the clan are recent and enigmatic additions. Sinclair has quickly garnered immense influence in the city’s medical sectors, proven himself powerful enough to serve as second in command to the Prince, and embraced three childer that seem deeply devoted to carrying out his ends. Caliste seems altogether indifferent to the politics of the city, and yet shows evidence of playing some kind of deeper game that others are unaware of, particularly in that both she and her choice of chide are well connected to the rumors of the city.

The fact that the entire lot seem to be reasonable and staunch supporters of the Camarilla, with nary a hint of unstable madness among them, might serve to make others worry more. With so much expectation that Malkavians are something that the other clans manage, it could potentially be terrifying to believe that in Atlanta, the Malkavians manage you.


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