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Perhaps the greatest supernatural threats to Cainites are werewolves. They do not appear to follow the dictates of Hollywood: a lupine can be active any night of the month and even during the day (admittedly less of a problem for the Kindred). It is true that they are vicious killing machines, and they seem to have a particular hatred of confirmed Cainites. Even a weak werewolf seems to have supernatural physical gifts combining the powers of the Brujah and the Gangrel, and they seem undaunted by many disciplines of control.

Kindred of Atlanta are advised that lupines have been encountered in the suburbs, particularly forested areas north of the city. For safety, Kindred are expected to stay within the Perimeter unless given special dispensation by their sires. If you believe you are being hunted by a lupine, or you spot one in the city, contact your sire or the Sheriff immediately and do not return to your haven or any other safe place until you have taken sufficient automotive or public transportation to lose pursuit and erase any trail.

Any Kindred proven to have deliberately used, agitated, or otherwise interacted with lupines without special dispensation will be censured.


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