Hartsfield International Airport

Concept: “Whatever happens in Atlanta, stays in Atlanta.” (Fear)

Although there has been an airfield where Hartsfield sits since the late 1920s, the modern airport that is one of the busiest in the world opened in 1980, designed to accomodate 55 million travelers a year. It has been expanded a couple of times since then, and recently became the southern terminus of the city’s rail transit system, MARTA.
An airport that has so many people moving through it and so many planes cycling through is both a blessing and a problem for the Kindred denizens of Atlanta. If you know who to pay to look the other way, people on layovers can provide a nice meal with no burden on the city (man, the jet lag is rough!). And yes, there’s a lot of potential for smuggling whatever strikes your fancy; there’s just too much going on for everything to be watched closely. Therein lies the problem: enemies might find it all too easy to slip in undetected. It’s probably a safe bet that some have done so already.

What else is there to say? The airport is too big to really control, but too valuable to ignore. Those who try just better hope they can avoid the blame when things go awry…

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Hartsfield International Airport

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