Grady Hospital

Concept: “The Blood comes in, the blood comes out” (Control)

To the public, Grady Memorial Hospital (or just Grady), is simply the biggest hospital in the area, and it happens to be one of the largest in the country with over 700 beds. It was originally opened in the 1890s, and although the current facility has only been in use since the 1940s, the first building still serves as administrative offices. It has close ties to both Emory and Morehouse School of Medicine, and is the principal health services provider for low-income people in and around the Metro area.

Less talked about is how very haunted the place is. Apparently hospitals are frequently hotbeds of ghostly activity, perhaps because they see a lot of death and anguish. Whether that’s the true cause or not, the hospital has a reputation for being a pretty spooky place when the sun goes down. Some people say that the mysterious Darkling Hound lurks nearby, either watching over the dearly departed or maybe trying to save the sick. If anybody knows for sure, they’re keeping quiet about it.

The hospital’s trauma center is one of the most likely places that the victims of… complicated feedings might show up, so the place is heavily influenced by the city’s Malkavians to provide a line of defense against major Masquerade violations. Strange wounds that were not inflicted by misbehaving Cainites can also provide a vital first clue to rival supernatural activity within the city.

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Grady Hospital

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