Distinction: “If it’s not your fault, keep your mouth shut.” (Honor and Silence)

  • Help: Social situations where your hands are clean and your lips are sealed
  • Hinder: Keeping a secret of your own failures



The Gangrel of Atlanta seem to be directly dedicated to their stereotypical role as protectors of the boundaries of Camarilla power. Despite the limited state of public transit in the city, it is still a major transit hub so the clan must be wary of unexpected entrants via plane, train, and automobile. As such, they have begun major maneuvers to gain influence over as much mortal transportation concern as possible to make it harder for threats to slip in through a million cracks.

Realistically, the city is large enough and porous enough that it will be impossible for a handful of Kindred to keep track of even significant comings and goings. Some wonder if they will be caught in a trap of their own honor when an external force inevitably slides through and threatens the city undetected.


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