Fox Theatre

Concept: “Elysium is a tradition, but so is the Blood Hunt. Mind your manners.” (Vengeance)

The Fabulous Fox was intended to be a Temple for the Shriners, an off-shoot of the Freemasons that adopted distinctly Arabic dress and customs when it formed in the late 19th century. While it never officially became a temple, being completed as a movie theater by one William Fox, the middle eastern and mystic trappings of the architecture and design were carried out faithfully, and it formally opened at the end of 1929. It failed quickly, due to the Depression, and it wasn’t until the 1940s that the Fabulous Fox reached prominence as both movie theater and music club, one of very few (mostly) unsegregated venues in the city (or the South).

Like much of the city, the 70s were a bad time for the Fox and it narrowly avoided demolition, ultimately being added to the register of historical places. During the 1980s, it underwent extensive renovation, but with the goal of restoring it to the look of its heyday. Apparently, some of the people who financed its rescue and remodeling feel more comfortable in the surroundings of the past. Either that, or the quasi-mystical trappings used as decoration actually serve some occult purpose… as evidenced by it being the only city Elysium that the Tremere can be counted on to attend.

One way or another, people watch their step here, as well as their backs.

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Fox Theatre

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