Emory University

Concept: Safe Haven for Weirdness (Shrouds)

Founded in 1836 as Emory College in Oxford, Georgia, a land grant in Druid Hills by soda magnate Asa Candler convinced the school to move to Atlanta, and in 1915 it reopened in its current location as Emory University. As one of the more prestigious private research universities in the South, if not the whole country, it has a strong allure for academically minded Kindred. Of special interest to such Cainites are the Manuscripts, Archives, and Rare Books Library (MARBL), located in the Woodruff Library; the Emory University Museum of Art and Archaeology (opened in 85 but currently undergoing extensive expansion, to be reopened in 1993 as the Carlos Museum); and the Yerkes National Primate Research facility, affiliated with the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH).

Lord Dooley is the elder most associated with the university, and has become something of a mascot in his time there. There are some quiet murmurings that he’s tiptoeing on the edge of breaking the Masquerade with his antics, but he seems to have enough clout to get away with it. He also Embraced two neonates to strengthen his grip on the institution; Emory is the closest thing to a chantry Atlanta has.

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Emory University

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