Some of the Disciplines below have just had their dice pools changed to reflect the updated traits. In that case, this is simply listed with a short summary of the power. Others have been more thoroughly altered. Some are just included for completeness. Use the descriptions below if they conflict with the versions in the book, but some supplemental information from the book might not be reproduced.


  1. Feral Whispers: Talk to animals. Make commands using Poise + Survival.
  2. Beckoning: Summon a particular type of animal in earshot using Charisma + Survival.
  3. Quell the Beast: Suppress a mortal target’s id via touch or eye contact with an extended test of Poise + Intimidation or Empathy.
  4. Subsume the Spirit: Psychically possess an animal using Poise + Survival.
  5. Drawing Out the Beast: Successfully defend against a Frenzy attack and immediately roll Poise + Composure (difficulty 8). If successful, the attack is transferred to another target within sight (another Cainite or even a mortal) and it proceeds using the Kindred’s own Beast traits and stressor total.


  1. Heightened Senses: Double the effective power of all your senses and potentially see through Obfuscate and other illusions.
  2. Aura Perception: See auras with a roll of Perception + Empathy.
  3. The Spirit’s Touch: Get an impression of the history of an object with Perception + Empathy.
  4. Telepathy: Read minds and project thoughts with Intelligence + Subterfuge.
  5. Psychic Projection: Take astral form and travel with Perception + Occult.


  • Always add Celerity to Dexterity pools as additional dice (and to the Initiative total).
  • Once per round, spend a Blood Point to reduce all multiple action penalties by the dots in this discipline (for the round).


  1. Command: Make a target obey a one-word command with Charisma + Intimidation.
  2. Mesmerize: Implant a false thought or hypnotic suggestion with Poise + Subterfuge.
  3. The Forgetful Mind: Remove or alter memories with Poise + Subterfuge.
  4. Conditioning: Permanently enthrall a target with an extended test of Charisma + Empathy.
  5. Possession: Psychically possess a mortal using Charisma + Intimidation (to destroy Willpower) followed by Poise + Empathy (to possess the target).


  • Always add Fortitude to Stamina pools as additional dice (except for resisting Frenzy).
  • Fortitude can be used to soak Aggravated physical damage.
  • Once per attack, spend a Blood Point to convert Aggravated physical damage (up to Fortitude rating) into Lethal damage immediately after soak (i.e., it is not further reduced by Stamina).


  1. Cloak of Shadows: Remain unseen while remaining unmoving.
  2. Unseen Presence: Move while staying unseen, requiring a Perception + Stealth roll if the motion might give away current location.
  3. Mask of a Thousand Faces: Create an illusion of a different appearance using Poise + Expression.
  4. Vanish from the Mind’s Eye: Disappear while observed using Charisma + Stealth (vs. Perception + Alertness).
  5. Cloak the Gathering: Use any Obfuscate power on one additional target (within short range) per dot of Stealth.


  • Always add Potence to Strength pools as additional dice (not successes).
  • Once per attack, spend a Blood Point to deal additional damage on any Brawl or Melee attack (even Dexterity-based ones) equal to Potence (before soak but after attack).


  1. Awe: Attract a crowd and gain +2 dice on social rolls against those with the weakest wills with Charisma + Expression.
  2. Dread Gaze: Terrorize a mortal target and provoke a Cainite to fear Frenzy with Charisma + Intimidation (with Willpower as difficulty).
  3. Entrancement: Temporarily enthrall a target with Poise + Empathy.
  4. Summon: Call a known target to you over long distances with Charisma + Subterfuge.
  5. Majesty: Activate a mien of majesty by spending a Willpower point; others must roll Courage (with a difficulty of your Charisma + Intimidation) to act against you.


  1. Eyes of the Beast: See in the dark with glowing red eyes.
  2. Feral Claws: Grow a pair of claws that deal aggravated damage by spending a Blood Point.
  3. Earth Meld: Hide or sleep beneath the earth by spending a Blood Point.
  4. Shape of the Beast: Transform into a beast over three rounds by spending a Blood Point.
  5. Mist Form: Transform into nigh-invulnerable mist over three rounds by spending a Blood Point.



All paths require a Blood Point and a roll of Willpower (difficulty of the power level +3) to activate.

The Path of Blood

  1. A Taste for Blood: Determine information about the donor of touched blood.
  2. Blood Rage: Force the target to spend a Blood Point on the ability of your choice and provoke a Fear frenzy with a stress equal to the successes rolled.
  3. Blood of Potency: Reduce your generation by 1 for one hour plus one hour or generation per success.
  4. Theft of Vitae: Steal Blood Points equal to successes from a target up to 50 feet away.
  5. Cauldron of Blood: Touch a target and deal one aggravated damage and destroy one Blood Point for every success.

The Lure of Flames

Create fire of different strengths based on path level and place it with accuracy based on successes.

Movement of the Mind

Move a target with weight based on path level for a number of rounds equal to successes.

The Path of Conjuring

Create various objects of complexity and permanence based on path level and quality based on successes.


All paths require five minutes per level and a roll of Intelligence + Occult (difficulty of the ritual level +3) to activate.

Level 1

  • Defense of the Sacred Haven: Protect a 10 ft. radius from sunlight (requires an hour and a Blood Point).
  • Wake with Evening’s Freshness: Awaken immediately during the day if threatened.
  • Communicate with Kindred Sire: Speak with your sire telepathically over any distance (requires 30 minutes).
  • Deflection of Wooden Doom: Cause a stake used against you to explode (requires an hour).
  • Devil’s Touch: Cause a mortal to be cursed with -5 to all social rolls for an evening.

Level 2

  • Ward vs. Ghouls
  • Principle Focus of Vitae Infusion

Level 3

  • Incorporeal Passage
  • Pavis of Foul Presence

Level 4

  • Bone of Lies

Level 5

  • Blood Contract


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