CSX Tilford Rail Yard

Distinction: Necessity’s Silent Partner (Invention)

Most Kindred don’t care very much for airplanes, unless they can afford the fancy, private kind. It isn’t even because they’re old-fashioned, either (most of the time). No, the chance of being stuck on a plane, circling, waiting to land until the sun rises is a legitimate fear, although even busy airports usually don’t have much congestion in the middle of the night. It’s fine for a ghoul to be a frequent flyer, but for a vampire, trains are where it’s at.

While Atlanta doesn’t have extensive commuter train service, a vampire on the move may often prefer to travel in safe anonymity with the freight, and Atlanta’s railroads move a lot of freight.

The Tilford yard opened in 1957, and as one of CSX’s major terminals, it often sees more than 40 trains each day and all through the night. Indeed, night trains are often the more common variety, as schedulers are encouraged to keep them away from the city during peak commuting hours. The yard sits on the historic Western & Atlantic line, running between Atlanta and Chattanooga, TN, which is still owned by the State of Georgia.

Rumors quietly circulate that it was by train that the city was taken, although people disagree as to whether that means taken by the “sabbat” or taken (back) by the Camarilla. It may well mean both. Lucille readily admits to having ridden the iron into town, but she’s characteristically silent about whether she was alone or not. Vincent Drexler is probably the Cainite most synonymous with the facility, the word being that he has considered it his domain before Sherman tore it up on his way into town.

The yard has become a little more dangerous of late, and opinions are mixed on whether it’s mostly supernatural and related to the deaths of The Terminus there a few years ago or mostly mundane and related to an enterprising neonate’s scheme to move contraband into the city by rail. Suffice it to say that the city’s leadership is beginning to regard the area as a powderkeg, and a wise neonate will avoid being the one to strike the match.

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CSX Tilford Rail Yard

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