CNN Center

Concept: “Adversity is the first path to truth.” (Shrouds)

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, the CNN Center is home to the office of both the Cable News Network (CNN) and its parent company, Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). Once the site of the unsuccessful Omni Hotel, as well as a few other failed ventures, by the late 1980s it had become the headquarters of one of the most extensive television news services in the country.

It isn’t talked about very much, but it seems that whatever happened in ‘88, at least some of the reporters or investigators working there learned something about the Kindred. They may not be saying the word “vampire,” but they’re probably thinking it. Weatherstone, in particular, has had runs in with a plucky reporter or two more often than coincidence would suggest is reasonable. The Sheriff, Basil, is aware of this, and steps have been taken to identify the problems and deal with them.

That, in a nutshell, is why the Kindred care about the CNN Center. Even once the immediate problem is solved, the increasing popularity of video recording devices is a potential threat to the Masquerade beyond anything seen before, and being able to influence a respected news organization is vital, either to squelch such stories or discredit them.

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CNN Center

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