Distinction: “We are the thin red line against disaster.” (Fear)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a federal agency, a division of Health and Human Services, located in Druid Hills, part of the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The CDC has numerous domestic responsibilities related to public health and safety, including partnerships with state health departments and other organizations. Primarily, these responsibilities focus on infectious diseases, food-borne pathogens, occupational safety, and other humdrum duties.

The CDC also does extensive research on the most virulent diseases known to man, as well as conducting experiments and running scenarios for biological warfare, supposedly to help prevent such attacks, or limit the effectiveness of them. The Centers also have live cultures of the most deadly toxins and diseases available, although these samples are rigorously protected. The CDC is at the forefront of global efforts to halt the spread of infectious diseases, and it is not uncommon for their employees to be distributed across the world to fight those battles.

If any agency is likely to stumble accidentally upon the existence of vampires, the CDC would probably be it, although they might not know what exactly they’re dealing with. Preventing this outcome appears to be one of the primary tasks of the city’s Malkavians, though given the deliberately inquisitive natures of the employees and careful oversight by the federal government, any small lapse in the Masquerade could become a big breach very quickly.

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