Camarilla Clans

There are seven clans that make up the Camarilla.


The Brujah claim to have a history of being scholar-warriors, but these days they are viewed mostly as the thugs of the Kindred world. Frequently drawing their neonates from more militant areas, they tend to have a strange mix of soldiers, gang bangers, and athletes. Those that work within the Camarilla, rather than embracing the anarchy symbol that many in their clan choose in the modern nights, tend to find work as enforcers and protectors for the hierarchy.

Their clan weakness makes them quick to anger, resulting in a higher incidence of Rage frenzies.

  • Skills: Firearms, Melee, Streetwise
  • Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence
  • Weakness: Your Beast gains +3 damage dice to cause a Rage frenzy


More comfortable on the fringes, the Gangrel have the most advantage of any clan in surviving in the suburban wilderness. Frequently seeing themselves as individualists that support the Camarilla but are not beholden to it, they police the borders of a domain and are often the first alert of rival forces attempting to move into the city. They almost exclusively embrace from outdoorsmen, hunters, and others already comfortable with a rugged lifestyle.

The downside of their closeness to nature is an increased closeness to the Beast, which can grow far more quickly than that of other clans.

  • Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Survival
  • Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean
  • Weakness: You take an additional Beast Trait if you gain one during a Frenzy


While many of the clans could argue for their position as the “other” within the hierarchy, the Malkavians pride themselves on being just far enough outside the norm to see the things that others take for granted. Each suffers under a profound curse of madness, which makes it hard to maintain power directly. But as advisers and adjutants, they are difficult to beat. Understanding the burden of their clan, they most frequently embrace from the roles of those that are already high-functioning and clever sufferers of some kind of mental illness. Sometimes, however, they find a mortal so perfect for their purposes that hopefully madness will not be an unsolvable burden.

  • Skills: Empathy, Investigation, Medicine
  • Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate
  • Weakness: You gain a permanent Derangement


The Nosferatu curse defines them even more than other clans. Each is mutated horribly by the embrace into an inhuman monstrosity which Obfuscation can barely contain. They have been historically shunned at best, and hounded as the most overwhelming threat to the Masquerade at worst. This tends to channel them along the lines of stealth and guile, forging them into the clan best at brokering secrets and other things that should remain as unseen as them. They tend to embrace mortals for whom personal appearance is not already a strong suit, but have been known to also embrace the beautiful out of spite… but usually only if the target would be taught a valuable lesson by this curse rather than devoting her unlife to eradicating her sire.

  • Skills: Computer, Security, Stealth
  • Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence
  • Weakness: You are hideous and obviously vampiric when not disguised


One of the two most politically powerful clans within the Camarilla, the Toreador style themselves as symbols of immortal culture and art. They tend to embrace brilliant artists, talented performers, and sometimes even simply beautiful people to preserve their gifts against the years. This does have a tendency to create an undercurrent of shallowness in the clan, as artistic merit does not necessarily prepare someone to be a tolerable immortal. Fortunately, their innate beauty and talents advantage them among Kindred politics as much as they did in mortal life.

A combination of their supernatural abilities and aesthetic sensibilities tend to make Toreador very susceptible to being distracted by art or other beauty that they have not previously appreciated.

  • Skills: Alertness, Crafts, Expression
  • Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence
  • Weakness: You are easily distracted, suffering dice penalties in the presence of new sensations


The youngest of the Camarilla clans, the Tremere were originally a secretive order of mortal mystics that seized immortality in the Middle Ages. Their alliance with the Camarilla has eternally been one step removed, as none truly trust that their goals are in line with those of other Cainites. They tend to embrace from the most skilled intellectuals of the day, preferably those with some kind of magical talent, but tend to avoid those with an existing (and probably wrong) occult belief system. The clan is run internally with much more hierarchy than other clans, mirroring its roots as a mystic tradition.

A consequence of the magical energies used in the transition from wizard to Cainite still marks the blood of the clan, making them very obvious and interesting to those with mystical senses.

  • Skills: Academics, Occult, Science
  • Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy
  • Weakness: You are a beacon to mystical creatures and obvious to other supernaturals


Seemingly destined by blood and powers to rule, the Ventrue have the easiest time rising to power within the Camarilla. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve seamlessly transitioned from ages of embracing nobility to mortals from the more modern institutions of power and prestige; very few enter the clan without a history of political and financial savvy. However, being the elite among the undead just as they were among the mortals tends to ensure that nobody else really likes them very much.

Their rarefied blood does tend to create rarefied tastes, and Ventrue draw less nourishment from mortal blood that does not meet a specific series of genetic (or sometimes purely psychological) markers, which is specific to the origins of each Ventrue.

  • Skills: Intimidation, Politics, Subterfuge
  • Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence
  • Weakness: You can only feed from specific types of mortals (at least three refining terms)

Camarilla Clans

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