Aubuchon Arts Academy

Concept: Everyone is Watching (Pride)

From humble beginnings, the Aubuchon Arts Academy has quickly become an Atlanta society hot spot.

Opened in 1984 by Sofie Aubuchon, it was originally just a small dance studio in a converted storefront in an aging shopping complex just inside the perimeter in Chamblee Dunwoody. Very quickly, Ms. Aubuchon’s skill as a dance instructor began to attract patronage from the urban elites as an excellent activity for their children. This, in turn, attracted the attention of reclusive society maven Drake Sullivan, who financed an expansion and renovation of the studio in 1991.

While from the street the complex appears to be simply a series of refreshed historical storefronts, the interiors of all the buildings are linked and include two small auditoriums, an art gallery, several dance and music teaching rooms, an art studio, and a lounge with expresso bar.

Ms. Aubuchon has lately spent much more time hosting parties, concerts, and showings, leaving the day-to-day training to a collection of well-regarded teachers. She does still sometimes visit classes on the way to a gathering to provide hands-on instruction, such that the evening dance classes have become the most prestigious at the school.


Aubuchon Arts Academy

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