AEterna Zentaris Biotechnologies

Concept: “Using the science of tomorrow to control the monsters of today!” (Control)

A small but well-funded startup downtown, AeZB seems to be composed of several talented executives and researchers formerly of Pfizer and other pharmaceutical and medical technology firms. They’ve been in existence since 1991, and have a stated goal of exploring possible cures for niche medical conditions that were too unprofitable for the large corporations their employees previously belonged to. They’ve already gone a long way to getting community support by organizing blood drives to provide for Grady Hospital and other charities to support health care among lower-income Atlantans.


  • PC:
    • Lindsey: Trying to find out how the CDC was infiltrated by
    • Has a blood sample from (Martin)
  • NPC:
  • Location:
  • Antagonist:
  • Macguffin:
    • Golconda: “Can it be ‘bottled’?”

AEterna Zentaris Biotechnologies

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