Characters advance most traits by spending experience points and influences by spending favor points.


All player characters in the game gain general experience at the same rate (e.g., if one player gets 3 exp, it’s because all players got 3 exp). This rate is TBD, but is likely to be a flat rate for time plus bonuses during exciting periods.

Players involved in particular plotlines may get a small amount of bonus, directed exp as a reward for completion of the plotline. For example, a plot that involved learning a lot about the occult may result in every PC in the plotline getting 2 extra exp directed toward the Occult skill. This is added immediately, and does not require weeks of work (e.g., a player who got +2 exp to Occult who was already three weeks into learning the next dot of Occult would immediately get the next dot).

Experience is invested in traits slowly: you can generally only put one exp into a trait each week, so more expensive traits take several weeks to raise. Characters with Mentor may learn certain traits faster. With the faster than real time pace expected for the chronicle, this may often be of little importance, as you’ll be getting exp slower than you can spend it. It does mean that planning ahead for more expensive traits is a good idea.

In general, I will track your experience points and advancement and all you’ll have to tell me is what traits you want to be working on (and if any take priority so they’ll absolutely get exp in slow weeks). I will then inform you when your trait increases.

Experience will most likely actually be tracked once per game month (giving you up to 4 weeks + mentor bonus for each update) for my own sanity.

The experience costs are:

  • Attribute: 9
  • Ability: 5
  • Background: 2 (and in-play justification)
  • Clan Discipline: 12
  • Other Discipline: 16 (must have a tutor for the first dot)
  • Additional Thaumaturgy Path: 9


Each player character generates Favor Points based on certain backgrounds, total influence, and time spent actively doing favors. Favor points are generated per week, but, like experience, will probably only be tracked once per month.

Unless a character is totally incapacitated/unavailable for a week, she gains favor points equal to total dots of influence and total dots in certain backgrounds (Contacts, Fame, Resources, and Retainers).

Additionally, if a character had no participation in plotlines for a week (i.e., was basically on downtime), she may actively curry favor. She gains favor points based on the total die pool of the favor-currying action (e.g., socializing may be Charisma + Empathy + Presence, turning up useful info might be Perception + Investigation + Auspex, etc.). The GM and player will agree on a reasonable dice pool for the character’s usual method of gaining favor and this will remain standard for downtime weeks (mostly because it will probably be the highest reasonable pool).

Characters on plotlines may sometimes make connections during the plot that essentially count as bonus Favor, to make up for not getting their downtime points.

Thus, a character will have two weekly Favor rates:

  • Standard (just Influence dots plus applicable Backgrounds)
  • Downtime (the above plus the skill pool)

Favor points can be spent to:

  • Maintain existing influence
  • Buy new influence

I will track all Favor expenditures. Unless directed otherwise by the player, I will automatically spend favor in the following order:

  1. Maintain influence
  2. Repair burned connections
  3. Upgrade existing connections (starting with turning the cheapest Contacts into Friends)
  4. Buy new connections in the character’s highest Influence


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