Darian Wise

  • Title:
  • Coterie: Phoenix Holdings
  • Generation: 11th
  • Clan: Brujah
  • Sire: Sophie Montoya
  • Childer: None
  • Concept: “Building a Better Tomorrow…” (Control)
  • Trouble: “…Over the Bodies of Today.” (Pride)
  • Nature: Lord of War (Fear)
  • First Impression: Suit and Tie, Confident, Athletic, Charismatic, Veiled Malevolence

PC Location: Runs Military arms through (CSX Tilford Rail Yard)

Phrase for Darian/Sophie Relationship: “As you wish.”

Phrase for Jack Gaunt (JohnM): “Always has the right piece of info.”

Darian before Embrace in 3 sentences:

Darian had an aspiring career as a Marine until drilled out of the Corps for trafficking. With the connections made in the military and the streets, Darian continued his new found pursuit of small time arms dealing to the eventual notice of the Kindred. Brought under the blood of his eventual sire, Darian was embraced after a long stint of service due to the heating climate of the regional vampire “politics”.

Short Term Goal:
To be the point of contact for all vampire arms deals in Atlanta through (Basil).

Other Notes:

Darian Wise

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